My equipment

An overview of all my photography equipment

A photo of some of my cameras and lenses

You have reached the equipment information page on my website. Here, you will be able to find information about (and photos of) my photography equipment. I use a variety of lenses and cameras for my photography and will most likely be upgrading equipment down the line as well. So be sure to check back occasionally to see if a new piece of equipment has joined my stash!

Bird Photography Equipment

Canon EOS R10 & RF 100-400 mm f/5.6 - f/8

For bird photography, I typically just use one camera and one lens, namely the Canon EOS R10 and the RF 100-400 mm f/5.6-8 lens. In the near future, I will also be buying a Sigma 150-600 mm lens to complement the RF 100-400. The main appeal of this setup is its unbelievably light weight; I can easily and very comfortably carry this camera and lens combination all day without any problems.

My previous setup (a Canon 70D and a 150-600 mm Tamron lens) did make my arms tired after being out with it all day. Additionally, my Tamron, unfortunately, had a couple of issues with its autofocus and especially its stabilisation so I had to send it back for a full refund after a few months of using it.